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There is a couple that needs your help.

I am writing to ask you to give the Gift of Hope to this couple and their family with a generous year-end donation to Friends of the Family.

In many ways, you know this couple well. You sometimes see them at church or the store. What you don’t know is the verbal daggers exchanged behind closed doors, the long periods of cold, hard silence. Neither feels heard. Certainly not understood. Or loved. Or respected.

This couple feels stuck. And their kids think they are the cause of the arguments.

More than anything, this family needs HOPE! And because of the faithful support of people like you (and an amazing dose of God’s favor), that’s one of the things this ministry does best….

At Friends of the Family, stuck, discouraged and desperate people find:

  • HOPE that things can change;
  • HOPE that healing and restoration are possible;
  • HOPE that affordable, professional help is available;
  • HOPE that there is a God who cares, understands, sees potential, empowers for growth, softens hearts, and facilitates reconciliation; and
  • HOPE that God is able to provide wisdom when asked, grant grace that is all-sufficient, give peace that goes beyond understanding, and work miracles. 


Your Gift of Hope provides just that for couples and families who are hurting. Your contribution today will help raise $40,000 by the end of the year so that more can discover the hope they are searching for.

Every $50
Special Gift
Makes one (1) professional counseling appointment more affordable for an individual, couple or family in need
Every $500
Special Gift
Underwrites five (5) hours of programming for a group of couples seeking to grow in their relationship skills
Every $50
Sponsors twelve (12) professional counseling appointments over the course of a year


As we head into 2023, our Board and Staff are excited to lean further into God’s calling to promote healthy relationships and healthy homes – and remain committed to steward well God’s resources to lift high His design for marriage and family.

Please send us your Gift of Hope today. Visit here for other easy ways to donate.

Couples and families will directly benefit from your generosity! Thank you for caring….

In the Lord’s service,

Dave Jackson
Executive Director





P.S.  The need is great. Will you give that couple you know the Gift of Hope with a special year-end donation to Friends of the Family today?