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Tour Package – Season 3

You are almost there! Use the links below to download the map, points of interest sheet, and three podcasts for your adventure.

Take this important information with you! It is a map of the driving route with podcast tips and a list of points of interest and helpful details to make the most of your time together.

Use the buttons below to save the audio files to your mobile device. Depending on your device you may be asked to choose which audio player you want to load them to. We suggest that you fully download the podcasts so you can play them while you are on the road out of WIFI or cell service.

If downloading and driving are not your thing, you can listen to the podcasts right here  whenever it suits you and your partner. And please do get a special snack or find a cozy spot to listen and make it a special time together!

Listen to Understand, Episode 1

by Friends of the Family | Couples in Cars Getting Closer

Listen to Understand, Episode 2

by Friends of the Family | Couples In Cars Getting Closer

Listen to Understand, Episode 3

by Friends of the Family | Couples In Cars Getting Closer

Are you overwhelmed and stressed? Do you feel anxious, depressed, or conflicted?
Are you struggling with a big loss or life transition?
Have you been frustrated or hurt by a loved one?
Are you searching for ways to improve your relationship and get that “loving feeling” back?

We are here to help.

Friends of the Family offers a variety of programs and services that strengthen marriages and families. We help people to have the relationships they have always wanted. We provide clinically trained Christian counselors to help people work through the bigger challenges of life and relationships.

We care about you and your relationships.

Contact Friends of the Family at 541-757-1761 or friends@fofm.org